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New firmware for network cameras: October 2017

Users of our network cameras should update now to our latest firmware for improved network security.

Upgrade to the latest firmware (Ver.3.0.0) for Sony IP network cameras. Apart from important security updates, you will also benefit from added features and improved performance.

Please note once you have updated to the latest firmware version, you will not be able to downgrade to an earlier firmware version.

Affected network cameras and released firmware versions

Firmware updates for the following models can also be found under ‘Resources’ on the product pages.

Affected model names

Released firmware version

SNC-CX600, SNC-CX600W, SNC-EB600, SNC-EB600B,
SNC-EB602R, SNC-EB630, SNC-EB630B, SNC-EB632R, SNC-EB640, SNC-EB642R, SNC-EM600, SNC-EM601, SNC-EM602R, SNC-EM602RC, SNC-EM630, SNC-EM631, SNC-EM632R, SNC-EM632RC, SNC-EM641, SNC-EM642R, SNC-VB600, SNC-VB600B, SNC-VB600B5, SNC-VB630, SNC-VB6305, SNC-VB6307, SNC-VB632D, SNC-VB635, SNC-VB640, SNC-VB642D, SNC-VM600, SNC-VM600B, SNC-VM600B5, SNC-VM601, SNC-VM601B, SNC-VM602R, SNC-VM630, SNC-VM6305, SNC-VM6307, SNC-VM631, SNC-VM632R, SNC-VM641, SNC-VM642R, SNC-WR600, SNC-WR602, SNC-WR602C, SNC-WR630, SNC-WR632, SNC-WR632C, SNC-XM631, SNC-XM632, SNC-XM636, SNC-XM637, SNC-VB600L, SNC-VM600L, SNC-XM631L, SNC-WR602CL


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