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4K Digital Cinema

Give audiences the ultimate entertainment experience with Sony 4K Digital Cinema. Enjoy stunning 2D or 3D picture quality in any size of cinema with industry-leading Sony 4K projectors. Streamline your cinema operations with Theatre Management Solutions. Make movies more inclusive with Entertainment Access Glasses for hearing and sight-impaired patrons. Drive fresh revenues with an exciting world of 4K alternative content. Simplify your digital migration with Sony’s VPF (Virtual Print Free) programme for independent cinemas.

Why go 4K with Sony Digital Cinema?

Going to the movies has never looked better. With Sony Digital Cinema you’ll enjoy pictures projected with detail-packed 4K quality.


6 great reasons to go 4K with Sony Digital Cinema

here’s a whole lot of detail in a 4K digital cinema image. The projector’s image sensor has a resolution of 4096x2160 pixels.


Sony 4K Digital Cinema

As the global leader in 4K digital cinema systems, audiences experience a new standard in digital projection


Image depth and realism: How 4K is changing perception

All images aren’t born equal.


Leading French cinema takes lead with Sony 4K

One of Europe’s leading cinema chains has selected Sony Digital Cinema to equip all eleven screens in its new Pathé Le Mans multiplex


Looking forward to laser projection

Laser projection promises fabulous image quality, longer service intervals and the potential to reduce cinemas’ operating costs.


Sony 4K tempts Scottish cinema patrons

Scotland’s most northerly cinema has switched to 4K digital presentation with the help of Sony’s Virtual Print Fee