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Software: PXW-FS7 : Binary Package V1.10

December 18, 2014
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1.) Support for 'S-Log2 gamma' has been added.
2.) The operability of 'Iris setting' using the 'Iris dial' and the 'assignable dial' has been improved.  
3.) 'Video Signal Monitor' display enabled condition has been changed as follows:
-  Default value of 'Output Format' has been changed.
This allows 'Video Signal Monitor' display without changing the 'Output Format' from the default setting.
- Video Signal Monitor display is now available in 'Edge Crop mode'.
However, when the 'Rec Format' or the 'RAW Output Format' is set to 4096x2160 or 2048x1080, there will be no output on the View Finder.
4.) 'Zoom Ring Direction setting' is now saved after Power OFF.

This software is for applicable products with the system software version 1.01 or earlier. 

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PXW-FS7 Update Manual.pdf 1.19MB - Download
Binary Package V1.10 92.5MB - Download